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LaunchPad is a bridge program built for those who want to acquire practical work experience and get a seat at the tech industry table as soon as possible. If you are looking to upgrade your knowledge and skills, changing industries or refreshing your development skills, you have come to the right place.

Work Placement

In addition to upgrading their skills, our Recruits receive on-site training and help with their job search as well. Job applications from candidates who have completed the LaunchPad program will be much more desirable to tech employers. Through direct job placement and the help of our recruitment partners, we get our Recruits working in the industry effortlessly!

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We partner with companies that are facing difficulties finding new talent and are eager to hire developers who are ready to hit the keyboards.Our Partners tell us that there’s a shortage of software developers with the skills they are currently looking for. At LaunchPad, our partners get to know our energetic Recruits while completing the program. Working to bridge the engagement between our partner companies and the LaunchPad Recruit to achieve the perfect “fit”.


At LaunchPad, our mentorship doesn’t stop with software development. LaunchPad Recruits develop and mature the skills and knowledge they aren’t taught through traditional methods. You will learn the best practices for completing application forms, creating resumes and building business acumen. Moreover, you will learn how to blow away the competition in job interviews and the insider knowledge of what companies are looking for when hiring new talents.


Creating a strong network is key to a successful future. At LaunchPad, you will establish new contacts, friendships and opportunities. Networking is a work search strategy and, by attending LaunchPad, you will be exactly where you need to be to get support, skill development and experience to accomplish your career goals.

At LaunchPad, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our Recruits achieve their full potential. Work placement is an integral component of our program, and we rely on our partners in the industry and community for these opportunities.

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