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The Importance of Mentorship

So you want to learn by doing, which is something that is easy to say, but where do you begin? Although you can sit down and learn any coding language or system, however if you cannot effectively problem solve, manage projects, and overall be an effective part of a business, you probably will not hold on to any job for too long. How will you hone these soft skills? 

At Launchpad by Vog we will help developers advance your soft skills through mentorship. We know that mentorship works because our business lives on mentorship. We have seen how our employees grow faster when a senior team member helps to guide the junior team members using their past experience and on the job knowledge. Junior team members are able to grasp business concepts and operations faster and easier when they have a mentor explain the processes to them, and ultimately, makes them more effective employees. 

We take the same approach to train developers at Launchpad the same way as we train employees–with mentorship. Students are paired with Vog developers to learn the ins and outs of a developer’s job directly from those with industry experience. Launchpad has mentorship available for each of its programs, including iOS, Android, Web Backend, and Full Stack, ensuring that students get optimal on the job training.

Mentorship is so important in regards to future success. Launchpad by Vog has seen the success of mentorship and continues to provide students with quality mentors. Want to learn more, visit Launchpad by Vog.