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Switch Your Specialization

Launchpad is for everyone! Whether you are looking to get settled in your career, or you are looking to switch your specialization, Launchpad is ready to assist you.

Ask yourself if you are currently in the facet of development you want to be. If you are in school, or are already in a position, it is important to know that you have options. Launchpad offers a program that can bridge your learning to the specialization you desire. Our 16-week program is highly customized and will ensure that you get the knowledge you need to success. By the end of the program, you will have been mentored by some of the best, and will be considered an intermediate developer.

The key to success is determining which specialization is for you. Here at Launchpad, we have four key facets: iOS, Backend, Frontend, and Android. So, which specialization for you?

Back End 

When determining if Backend is for you, you need to gauge what your interests are, and how you want your career to proceed. Backend usually requires you to play a certain role on the project. Often, you will be required to do additional research and find creative solutions to complex business logic. You are required to understand the bigger picture, and are looking at the project with a lens of performance. At the end of the day, ad a backend developer, you want to look at how you can make the end product more efficient.


Android and iOS isn’t for everyone. This is because the role is a combination of design and technical knowledge. What is developed here may be used everyday, so it needs to be functional and fast. As an iOS or Android developer, you will be required to work with specialized hardware and operating systems. Lastly, as an Android or iOS developer, you will always have to ask how it will look on differs devices and if you have optimized the application for everyday use.


Frontend development is another facet that we offer at Launchpad, and it may just be the facet for you. This role demands creativity and design. Often, you will have to tackle projects that have a variety of different approaches. Frontend development is always evolving due to technological advancements, so it is integral that you stay on top of the trend. As a frontend designer, you must always question the visuals and the functionality in the real world.

Launchpad is a program designed for the industry. Through mentorship and experience, you have found your place in the industry, and work your way up in your career.

The first step is to choose your specialization. From there, the world is your oyster. If you want to learn more, please reach out to us.