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Soft Skills: Why They’re Important

Everyone knows that it’s not just your technical skills alone that will land you your dream job. It’s also important to balance out your job specific knowledge with soft skills. 

Soft skills are also known as ‘people skills.’ Those with soft skills have better communication, problem solving, productivity, and creativity. These skills allow individuals to be more confident and self aware. As innovation becomes the sole focus for companies, collaboration becomes the integral part of a workplace. This allows for a healthy work environment.

Soft skills are important because they compliment hard skills, set you apart from other candidates and because the future of employment depends on soft skills.

Compliment Hard Skills

Hard Skills, also known as technical skills are not longer enough to qualify a hire. When hiring managers look at candidates, they look for someone who has the balance of hard and soft skills. Soft skills give individuals the ability to better promote themselves. The soft skills help you determine  when to utilize the hard skills. Additionally, hard skills can be taught and learned at rapid rates, whereas soft skills take more time and focus to cultivate.

Sets You Apart

You land the interview, now what? Your technical skills opened the door. Those hard skills are outlined on your resume, and before you arrive at the interview the hiring manager already knows what you offer, in fact you will offer the same as any other individual that is being interviewed. What sets you apart is your soft skills. These skills can be seen through your ability to communicate, problem solve and be creative. These skills are what get you through the door and land you the job.

The Future of Employment 

The future of employment is integrating more soft skills. Employers want creativity, communication and collaboration. While technical skills are a large asset, they can easily be taught to a new employee. This is why interviews follow a discussion format opposed to an interrogation process. This discussion highlights your confidence and self awareness. Thes soft skills allow for more innovation, productivity and engagement within a company.

Why They Are Important:

Soft skills are integral to landing the job. Your technical skills will open the door, but to stand out those soft skills are needed. It is a balance that employers are looking for. Vog, a Canadian Company has been helping bridge the gap between students and employability. Are you looking to develop your soft skills to set yourself apart from the other candidates, take a look at Launchpad by Vog, a program that will help you obtain your balance.