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Re-evaluating Your Skills for a Post COVID World

COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life in every aspect, especially in Alberta’s fragile economic landscape, however this is not to say that it is impossible to create value for yourself in the new post COVID-19 world. There are many new opportunities in the new economic landscape, with the vast majority being in technology. COVID-19 has accelerated the rate in which everyday life is digitized. Work and school from home is the new normal in many countries including the United States and Canada, and technology is the enabler.

At the start of the March 2020 quarantine, Zoom had quite a bit of downtime because they had a significant amount of new traffic they were not expecting. Since then, they as well as many other SaaS and cloud computing companies have been scrambling to create more infrastructure to handle the load, and solve problems created by the pandemic. The key to capitalize on these opportunities is a force of strong human capital. So many companies are hiring for technical roles, however there is a lack of intermediate to senior developers in the workforce, which is where Launchpad by Vog can make you a piece of the puzzle

Launchpad by Vog is a four month program that can transform you from a junior developer to an intermediate developer, making you automatically more attractive to employers. Launchpad teaches you the technical and business skills to capitalize on the opportunities COVID-19 has created, and get hired by companies that are capturing value in the new world. These companies are the ones that will be running the post COVID-19 economy, and the ones you want to be part of. 

Launchpad by Vog specializes in Back End Web, Full Stack, iOS, and Android development, meaning no matter what language you want to specialize in, we have a program to get you career ready. Our programs offer an accelerated on the job experience, pairing you directly with industry professionals in your chosen path. You will not only be learning, but living the life of a developer getting prepared for your next job. We have companies ready to meet you, and Launchpad by Vog succeeds when you get hired.

Ready to start? Check out for more program information.