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Why become a partner with LaunchPad ?

We solve your recruitment problems by finding the right fit for your job openings, increasing employee retention, and drastically lowering your recruitment costs.

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Our Partners

As a partner, you will:


See firsthand the skills and competencies our Recruits are building.


Connect directly and meet our Recruits while they train to join your company.


Have your branding included with promotional materials identifying you as a supporter of our programs.


Access intermediate developers who are tested throughly to exceed your hiring needs.


Cut costs from your recruitment budget.


Gain knowledgeable LaunchPad Recruits who will add value and integrity to your business.
At LaunchPad, we understand that our Recruits and Partners’ success is our success. Throughout our programs, our Recruits become industry ready with practical application knowledge and have acquired a qualifications standard verified by Vog App Developers, a consolidated software development firm.

Partner with LaunchPad Today

Join us today and enjoy the benefits of never having to use LinkedIn or recruitment agencies ever again. As a LaunchPad Partner, you will have access to a pool of intermediate level developers trained by actual developers.

Have specific needs from your new hires? At LaunchPad, we work with partners, like you, to train and develop the skills in Recruits to match your business needs. Our commitment is to ensure that each and every LaunchPad Recruit exceeds your expectations. We know the pain of recruitment firms not “getting it” when it comes to finding the right people for your hiring needs so we are doing something about it.

How much does it cost ?
A flat recruitment fee that is far cheaper than recruitment agencies.

Become a LaunchPad Partner and start saving time and money on your hiring needs

No cost to join. Access to industry trained developers. Save on hiring costs.