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Partnering With Launchpad: Recruitment

Launchpad is an exceptional program that takes entry level skill sets, and turns them into intermediate level skills with experience and soft skills to back them. Not only does that make our recruits more hirable, it gives our partners the opportunity to have exceptional new hires.

What does it mean to be a partner of Launchpad by Vog? Read on to find out!

Launchpad gets individuals industry ready. The tech industry is moving fast, and while the education system is giving students excellent hard skills, they need to be accompanied by soft skills. Launchpad gives the recruits experience, mentorship and the soft skills it takes to be successful in the industry. It is seen now, more than ever that soft skills are needed to be successful, especially in a team environment. When our recruits finish the Launchpad program, their skillset is more versatile than it was before they began. We value the skills they have learned, and want to subsidize it with specific business skills.

Here at Launchpad, we work with our partners. We understand that the industry shifts, employers can have new skills that they like to see in their employees. In recent years, the app development scene has seen a shift in developer engagement. Developers have to communicate with bigger teams, with varying experience in tech. This means that the employee needs to be able to shift the way they explain their projects. While some may understand the tech heavy language, many may not! As a partner, you can help determine what skills our recruits learn and need to have before entering the workforce. We want every Launchpad recruit to have the capability to meet our partners business needs, and we pride ourselves in them exceeding your expectations.

Being a partner of Launchpad has so many benefits. Say goodbye to the hassle of recruitment efforts. As a partner of Launchpad, you have access to the pool of intermediate level developers that have been trained by actual developers. They have the experience and mentorship to ensure they bring their best to your company. Launchpad ensures that you find the right fit for your openings, and that their skill set fits with your company’s long term initiatives. This drastically reduces your recruitment costs. We understand the hassle of recruitment firms, and the pain of them not “getting it” when it comes to finding the right people.

Partner with Launchpad! We ‘get it’ when it comes to finding you the right people. Want to know more about what it means to partner with Launchpad by Vog? Visit our website, or contact us!