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Partner Spotlight: Windmill

Launchpad is always excited to have new ways to support incoming students. Windmill is a wonderful partnership that Launchpad has developed. Through this partnership, Launchpad can support more students regardless of their financial situation.

Let’s learn more about what this partnership means!

Who is Windmill

Windmill is a company that provides microloans to newcomers that are attempting to further their education. Windmill provides low interest loans to skilled immigrants so that they can reach their dream career. Individuals can receive up to $15,000 to cover the costs related to their career goals. This is inclusive of education and training programs, books and supplies, living allowances, and travel to get to examinations or courses that aren’t in the area. 

Through microloans with Windmill, more newcomers can reach their career aspirations.

What Does the Partnership Look Like

Launchpad prides itself in its ability to support its students. We have always been able to give our students the relevant skills and experience to increase their hireability. However, as a program with associated costs, we haven’t always been able to support everyone. With this new partnership with Windmill, Launchpad can support more students, regardless of their financial situation. 

Some individuals do not have the capital to afford the associated expenses for the classes. Windmill can help. Through their microloan program, Launchpad is able to direct individuals to Windmill. Through Windmill, individuals have the opportunity to enter the Launchpad program and establish their roots in Calgary.

The Calgary Impact

The future of Calgary is tech. Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, technology has grown exponentially. In a city that was once dominated by the oil industry, tech has been climbing the ranks. Keeping talent in Calgary is important if we want the industry to be sustainable for the long term. 

This partnership between Launchpad and Windmill will ensure that there is equal opportunity for newcomers to build a skillset that will ensure success.

If you want to learn more about how Windmill and Launchpad can launch you forwards, reach out!