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Partner Spotlight: Immigrant Services Calgary

We are so excited to have a partnership with Immigrant Services Calgary. This partnership is filled with ample opportunities, and will ensure that Launchpad can launch more people forward. 

Let’s discuss further what a partnership between Immigrant Services Calgary and Launchpad looks like.

Who is ISC

Since 1977, Immigrant Services Calgary has had an integral role in helping immigrants and refugees find their footing in Calgary. ISC has a vision of unleashing the economic, social, and civic potential of all newcomers. To deliver on this vision, ISC connects newcomers to the right services and agencies to ensure that they can reach their greatest potential. The overarching goal is to ensure that all immigrants and refugees are given the opportunity to succeed and build roots.

What is the Partnership

Immigrant Services Calgary has a large quantity of individuals seeking their services and coming through their programs. There are many newcomers coming to the Calgary area in hopes of developing roots. Not only is this demographic trying to get back onto their feet, they are underemployed. As a form of funnel, ISC helps direct newcomers with technological backgrounds to Launchpad. Launchpad does all the preliminary work to onboarding Launchpad students. We help ensure that they are suited to the program, in need of the extra education, and guage if they need funding. If they need funding, we bring them to our other partner, Windmill.

While working together, Launchpad and Immigrant Services Calgary are able to unleash the potential of newcomers, and allow them to find new roots in Calgary.

The Calgary Impact

While this partnership greatly helps immigrants and refugees with a technological background, it also helps the Calgary economy. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been seen how integral technology is to the economy. Keeping up with economic changes is necessary to ensure long term growth and sustainability. Through this partnership, great talent builds its roots in Calgary and helps Calgarian tech flourish.

Learn more by reaching out to us. Here at Launchpad, we believe in launching people forward.