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Partner Spotlight: Finney Taylor

When Launchpad agrees to a partnership, they ensure that every partnership is for the betterment of their students. This is why the FinneyTaylor partnership occurred. Collectively Launchpad and FinneyTaylor want successful students. This means during and after the cohort is complete.

What does this partnership mean for our students and Calgary?

Who is Finney Taylor 

FinneyTaylor Consulting group is a leading Canadian IT staffing solutions provider. They have over 50,000 registered professionals with them. FinneyTaylor wants to provide clients with the best IT professionals in the market. Through a quality guarantee, FinneyTaylor ensures that all placements are the right fit for their clients.

By ensuring that companies are receiving the best IT professionals, FinneyTaylor is promoting long term success for the company, the hire, and the industry.

What is This Partnership 

Hard skills and soft skills complement each other. Through Launchpad, individuals are able to learn the soft skills, and gain the experience that will get them hired. Through mentoring, networking, and classes, Launchpad graduates become more employable. This is where FinneyTaylor comes in. Not only are they the leading IT staffing solution provider, they are fully immersed in the tech industry. They are able to get Launchpad graduates hired.

Through working together, Launchpad and FinneyTaylor can have a hand in the success of the tech industry. When graduates get hired, it’s a success story for both of the partners.

The Calgary Impact

What better than to be partnered with a company that is immersed in the tech industry. FinneyTaylor is an active participant in the industry and is ensuring that it will have a sustainable future. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for tech in the Calgary economy. With this partnership, FinneyTaylor will be able to ensure that what the cohorts are learning aligns with the needs of the industry. With the efforts of FinneyTaylor, more incredible talent will be kept in Calgary.

Launchpad and FinneyTaylor acknowledge the importance of tech in Calgary, and together they hope to create long term success for Launchpad graduates.

Want to learn more about partnerships with Launchpad? Reach out to us!