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Here are four ways that LaunchPad can help you land your dream job:

1. Experience the different functional areas of a company and how they work together to produce successful software products.

During school projects you likely worked with others with similar backgrounds, however in the workplace this will not be the case. Within a software company, there are many different functional groups, and it’s your responsibility to know how to navigate them to complete your projects. Your requests will often go through other teams, so it’s important to understand how long this may take so you can plan accordingly and not be held up by bottlenecks. At Launchpad you will gain first hand knowledge on how functional groups interact to complete projects on time and on budget, which is a key skill you will apply in your future career.

2. Broaden your knowledge of project management methodologies

Although there are many ways to manage a project, they are all built upon a set of fundamentals and knowing how they function and why they work together will make you a strong asset on any team. Through Launchpad by Vog, you will be given the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of these fundamentals by applying them to real world software development projects. This style of application based learning will not only allow you to explain the concepts, but to apply them to create value for any client or company.

3. Develop an understanding of your own work culture preferences to identify potential employers

There’s a reason companies go out of their way to tell you about their company culture, but what if you don’t know the best fit for your working style and preferences? During your work at Launchpad by Vog, you will be able to explore different work environments and styles to find out what you like, and what pushes you to do your best work. By understanding yourself, you will know what to look for in employers, and have the skills to identify your best fit.

4. Learn how to be employable in the software industry

Launchpad by Vog will set you up for success by helping you not only identify what type of role you are looking for, but also help you prepare to go out and get it. Utilizing the software recruiting experience that Vog App Developers has, Launchpad by Vog will guide you through the recruiting process, ensuring that you excel at every step. Having the skills is one thing but it is equally important to be able to communicate this effectively to potential employers.

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