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Looking for Experience

We have all been in the same boat. An entry level position is calling for years of experience, but you can’t get the experience without the entry level positions. This puts everyone in a tricky position.

Launchpad attempts to alleviate this struggle but offering experience. It bridges the gaps in the market, and ensures everyone is equipped with the experience that they need to succeed.

There are four key things that Launchpad can help out with!

Team Dynamics

The education system forces students to be very specialized in their studies. This means there is constant exposure to the same experiences and projects. The job market highly contrasts this. Developers would work on a wide array of projects, and are expected to be versatile as they will work with a variety of different teams. This is where Launchpad comes in. Here, we aim to give you first hand experience with a variety of functional groups. You will learn how to communicate with each party, and how to ensure your efforts on the team are allowing the entire team to excel.

Broadened Knowledge

Launchpad ensures that you have the fundamentals down. Through education and experience, the program ensures that you have the widest breadth of knowledge with a very strong foundation. By ensuring that the foundations are strong, you can continue to learn effectively and efficiently. This will allow you to add value to any client or company.

Work Culture Preferences

Every company has a different culture. While some are vibrant and casual, others may be more professional and blunt. It can be hard to decide what your preferences are. This is why Launchpad gives you exposure to a variety of corporate culture. This allows you to better gauge what environment you flourish in, and what cultures you would prefer to avoid. We will help you find your best fit.


Launchpad sets you up for success. This means that your employability drastically increases. Not only have you built the foundations and a wide breadth of knowledge, you have transformed your skillset from a junior developer into a senior level developer. This will allow businesses to see you as a greater asset. Additionally, we are here to help you find your career.

If you see the potential in Launchpad, reach out to us. We are always looking for new students and partners.