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Let’s Talk Cover Letters!

We have all applied to a job where you need to write a cover letter. In fact, more companies are integrating cover letters into their application packages. These letters allow the individual reading it to get a better basis of understanding who you are. 

Let’s dive deeper into the details of a cover letter.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a one page letter that introduces yourself and your experience to the individuals reading it. Essentially, the cover letter acts as an elevator pitch to hiring managers. Here you can introduce your skills, interests, and of course work history.

At the end of the day, your cover letter needs to give the reader an idea of who you are, and what you have to offer. By expanding on your achievements and experiences, the reader can better understand who you are, and how you may fit into the company. Here you can showcase your personality, and give the potential employer an inside look. 

The cover letter is a way to screen job applications, similar to the resume. This is why it is important to include it in your application.

What to Include?

Your cover letter should follow a similar format to that of an essay. You need to include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This is important because it will help create flow and increase readability.

The introduction is the part that will grab the attention of the reader. You need to ensure that this part of the cover letter is attention grabbing, and urges people to read on. This needs to have a fine balance between professionalism and personality. This is also the place of the cover letter where you talk about why you want the job.

The body paragraphs are very important. This section needs to be at lease 2 paragraphs long, and needs to give the reader an idea as to why you are suitable for the role. This means that you must outline your education, work experience, and why you are the best fit to the role. This must paint a clear picture of how you fit into the company.

The conclusion needs to solidify all you have said earlier. Here you can reiterate your skills and strengths. Oftentimes, you will thank the reader for taking the time to review your application. In a cover letter, it is okay to end off with a call to action. Here you can suggest that the reader contact you, or that you look forward to hearing from them. This call to action ensures that you direct. 

How to Write your Cover Letter!

While you are welcome to write your cover letter in the way you see fit, we have a brief step by step guide as to how to write a cover letter.

Step 1 – Contact Details: Format the header to include the contact information of yourself, and the potential employer. This is a great way to ensure that there are no barriers to effective communication.

Step 2 – Opening: It is strongly recommended that you find the appropriate way to address the reader. This often requires a little research. By using the standard ‘To Whom This May Concern,’ you create feelings of laziness and insincerity. By using the name of the recruiter, you add a more personal and considerate touch.

Step 3 – Introduction: As said earlier, this is where you hook the reader. By showing personality and passion, the reader will want to read more. You may outline who you are and why you want the job here.

Step 4 – Body Paragraphs: The body paragraphs are used to show how you are a perfect fit. This means you need to highlight your skills, education, and relevant experience. Make sure that your cover letter is saying things that your resume doesn’t. Repetition can become boring for readers.

Step 5 – Conclusion: A call to action is integral for a successful conclusion in a cover letter. By calling on the reader to reach out to ask questions suggests that you are committed to this position. Additionally, this section may be used to thank the reader. A strong conclusion leaves a strong impression.

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