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LaunchPad Education Series: Jason Lewis

Hello and welcome to LaunchPad! 

For anyone wondering “What is LaunchPad?” allow us to explain. LaunchPad is a training program developed here at Vog Developers with the express goal of bridging the gap between students graduating from coding programs/ boot camps and those finding they lack the direct experience of industry work.

This is where we decided, who better to train the next generation of developers than us, a continental development agency? We have plenty of experience to share and understand app development intimately, however, we also want to ensure that developers entering our industry are set up for success. This is why we’ve curated a team of senior developers and project managers with a wide variety of skills and experiences to help you. 

With that being said, let us introduce you to one of our team members, Jason Lewis.

Jason is a backend developer with VOG and has plenty of experience working in the industry. With his wealth of experience, Jason is our primary educator for LaunchPad, and we were able to squeeze into his busy schedule, so he could answer some questions for us. 


Why did you decide to work with LaunchPad? 

J: I have been a developer with VOG for almost a year. With LaunchPad, the whole idea is they wanted to have people learning from developers. I was approached to teach some classes and it just seemed like a really great opportunity for me. I really like what LaunchPad is trying to accomplish versus most traditional schools. 

What do you like about the curriculum and why did you want to teach it? 

J: I’ve been in quite a few different roles in the past with mentoring new students and employees. When I was talking to Vince (our CEO) about the goals of LaunchPad and what he was finding when talking to people in the industry, it seemed that people were coming out of school, and they had a good technical foundation, but they didn’t really know how to work in a business. That is something I have seen many times, it hit a nerve with me, and this is a fantastic way to bridge that gap. That’s why it really appeals to me, it helps solve a problem. 

LaunchPad was created to help anyone coming out of school or looking to brush up on their development skills get a handle on not only making your skills shine, but also give you a leg up when it comes to understanding the business side of development and coding. This industry is ever-changing and growing, we know it can be confusing to start off with because we’ve all been there. So, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra help. Having your foot in the door is the first step to getting to where you want to go. 

To learn more about LaunchPad and how you can join the next cohort or find out how your company can participate, feel free to reach out to us.