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LaunchPad by Vog, Catering to Today’s Growing Tech Industry

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Launchpad by Vog is filling a gap in the market. When individuals graduate from University they are already two years behind the actual curriculum and technology that is being used in the market. This makes getting hired out of University nearly impossible.

Launchpad offers graduates a 16-week program that will put them on the level of where students should be when entering tech. Calgary is a booming city for Tech – so the need is crucial.

Launchpad by Vog is a company that uses real-life skills to give students the opportunity to gain experience in their field of study. The Launchpad by Vog program is aimed at students who want to use the power of technology and networking to gain experience in a field they are passionate about.

Launchpad is a place where you can learn and develop your skills. You will be learning from working developers who understand the industry’s needs, as well as gaining real-life skills like working with others and collaborating on projects. Our classes are taught by experienced developers in the field and are designed to ensure that students are ready for their first job (or multiple jobs). They can choose from four tracks: front-end development, back-end development or iOS or Android development. So whatever your area of interest may be – we’ve got something perfect just waiting for you!

LaunchPad by Vog's Fall Cohort poster

We also offer an advanced track for students who have completed our core coursework and want to take their programming abilities to the next level! After the 16-week student program, students can graduate into the Junior Developer program where they work for Launchpad and work on real projects while getting paid!

Our classes aren’t outdated or superficial like coding boot camps; instead, you will be learning how to develop from actual working developers who understand the content and what employers need.

Knowledge and your education are something no one will ever be able to take from you. Learning new things will put you ahead of the curve in the tech industry. Our program teaches you how to make quality content, ensuring that you continue making more new and exciting stuff, stuff that may not be on the market! And when you’re ready to take your skillset to the next level or learn something new entirely, we are ready for you to join the team of students building their future!

Here’s how to apply:

  • Click here to check out our upcoming Fall Cohort Page
  • We will contact you within 1-3 days, once the application has been filled out, to schedule a phone call so that our team can get a better idea of who you are and where you need to grow.
  • You will fill out a code test to see what level your coding is currently at. As well as see your strengths and weaknesses.

Education is an ever-changing landscape that needs to evolve rapidly to keep up with the demands of the modern workforce, specifically in technology. There are a lot of programs out there that focus on teaching you skills, but few have as much experience in applying them in real life as Launchpad by Vog. The program offers many unique perspectives from both industry and education leaders who want students like yourself to succeed. Join the noise and become a Launchpad student today!