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Launching More Individuals

When Launchpad was developed, the focus was on the students. At the end of the day, we want to have the most impact we can on those in the program. Their success is our success, and we mustn’t forget it.

Education is one of the most impactful investments you can have in yourself. With that said, it is also a very small part of everyone’s lives. Education is what opens doors, but your experience, personality, and individuality gets you the job or lands you an opportunity. We are so privileged to be a small part of all our students’ lives.

Our newest global venture takes us to South Africa. We have aligned ourselves with a Youth Development Program in Botswana. Together, we want to create a path for youth into tech. By providing material and the technological know-how, youth can become better acquainted with the tech industry.

This is a piloted program that attempts to bring together experts and youth. While this program has been heavily appreciated in Botswana, more South African countries have had applicants. We have seen over 750 interested individuals, and hope to see that number continue to grow.

Our first cohort will be starting soon. While this program is still considered Launchpad, we have made some changes to ensure that the youth can see the greatest level of success. Despite the demand, we kept our cohorts small in size to ensure that we are still offering the highest quality we can. This program is a 32 week program where the students do 1 week of Launchpad training, followed by one week of Oracle training. This alternate schedule is followed through for the duration of 32 weeks.

Launchpad focuses on the development side of the tech industry. We want to teach our students the foundations of development. The cohorts that started in the summer are focusing on back and front end web development. What a student focuses on is depending on their interests and skill sets. We aspire to include iOS and Android teachings in the new year. With that said, we need to gauge the needs of the students, and the feasibility for Launchpad to offer it. At the end of the day, this is a pilot program, and we can pivot if need be. This initiative has a long term outlook, so we are in no rush to make rash adjustments.

Tech is a global industry that is constantly growing. While there are many individuals joining the tech industry, there aren’t enough to sustain the projected growth. This is why Launchpad strives to make our students more employable. Our students are driven, keen, and passionate, which will lend hand to their success in the industry.

Launchpad wants to make a difference, and through this initiative, we can. This is something that gets us all excited for the future. Our tangible difference lies within our students.

If you want to learn more about Launchpad, check out our website. You are always welcome to contact us as well.