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Here are 3 ways Launchpad can help you to kickstart your career:

1. Providing you with hands on experience with real world projects

Launchpad allows you to go through all the stages of a real software development projects, helping you to fully understand the different functional groups within an organization and how effective teams build collaboratively. Your projects will include tackling business constraints, managing requests from multiple stakeholders, and implementing cutting edge technologies. The combination of these elements will ensure that you are able to take on any project you face in the future.

2. One on one mentorship with highly skilled developers

In the workplace it’s often difficult for others to take time out of their day to mentor junior staff, but at Launchpad you have a dedicated mentor to show you the way. You will be matched with a Vog employee that is highly regarded as an expert in their field. By shadowing an expert you will have a front row seat to proven methods and techniques for building high quality products.

3. Hone in on specific interview skills for software development recruiting

Vog App Developers is one of the leading software development companies in Canada, which means that the developers we hire are among the best, and we know a thing or two about the Developer recruitment process. Launchpad students learn the ins and outs of software development recruiting, meaning you will be prepared for any behavioral or technical interview that can be thrown at you. Not to mention, through key industry partnerships, Launchpad can provide key connections to help you land your dream job

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