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Junior Developer Program

On-the-job experience plays a pivotal role in bridging the skill gap and keeping Recruits on the cutting edge of industry needs. Companies are looking for developers who know how to adapt to business practices and develop great code. The Junior Developer Program is designed to improve the skills and knowledge Recruits don’t learn in most classrooms.

Job Market Stats

By 2023, the Canadian digital economy will see a demand for more than 305,000 digitally-skilled workers.

That's a rise of
On-the-job training

Under the supervision and guidance of LaunchPad mentors, Recruits are given the opportunity to acquire the know-how experienced in real working conditions.

Skills you will advance in


Keep up with programming languages and operating systems as they evolve, test and debug real code. Learn the best practices for pushing your code and the adequate tools for version control.


Solve problems jointly, communicate effectively, and exercise the ability to work well on a team. Learn to recognize potential project hurdles and challenges in advance.

Structured Thinking

Learn how to apply frameworks to unstructured problems and how to foster innovation by exploring beyond your comfort zone.


Challenge yourself to deal with problems that arise by identifying it, structuring it, researching for possible fixes, making decisions, implementing solutions, and getting valuable feedback on the outcomes of your chosen path.

Soft Skills

Exercise your interpersonal personality traits to collaborate and interact with others effectively.


Understand where you fit inside a business and what you can do to increase the bottom line, which will help you to take your career further.

Receive Feedback

Get constructive feedback to improve your skills faster and more effectively.

As a LaunchPad Recruit, you will experience real-world challenges and gain practical experience dealing with the problems that developers face on a daily basis through sample projects.

LaunchPad provides an excellent opportunity to learn quickly with constant guidance and continuous interaction with professional software developers and industry experts. Be on track and make optimal utilization of our available resources to level-up in your career as a software developer.

Get a head start on your career

Limited positions available. Apply now and reserve your spot today!

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Other reasons to join LaunchPad

Job Shadow the best Developers

Dev-to-dev Mentorship

Gain Experience

On-the-job Experience

Real projects

Accelerated Learning

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