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I Need A Developer!

So, you just got the green light on a project you have been working hard to get approved, but you need to find a developer–where do you even begin? You could post a job posting on a job aggregator, but then you have to comb through many bad resumes to find the one needle in the haystack. You could attend career fairs and hope that the right person comes to your booth, but placements in career fairs are expensive, and may not even guarantee you the right candidate–or you could partner with Launchpad by Vog.

Launchpad by Vog is a four month program that takes junior developers, and transforms them into intermediate developers with the experience to take on any project and work on any team. Launchpad by Vog specializes in Back End Web, Full Stack, iOS, and Android development, ranging in a variety of languages, meaning that we are teaching or have taught someone who can fit your needs. Oh, and since all Launchpad candidates are vetted by actual hiring managers at Vog App Developers, there are no filler candidates that you have to comb through to find the perfect fit. 

Graduates of Launchpad by Vog are mentored by our experienced developers, and work with real business cases so they are ready to handle whatever you need them to do. Our program is designed to mimic what their future jobs as intermediate developers will look and feel like, meaning there are less training costs for you, and no surprises when you hire one of our graduates. Furthermore, if you contact us far enough in advance, we can place skills that you desire in your new hire into our curriculum. We succeed when our graduates are successful hires.

Okay, ready to find your developer? Visit to find out more information on how to become a partner. We are excited to hear from you.