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I Can Code, Now What?

So you just finished a coding bootcamp, or maybe a two year coding certificate and now you want to get hired. Bootcamps and certificates are great for learning technical skills, however something they are lacking is instruction on the soft skills. Maybe the program didn’t provide enough work experience working with projects, or working on teams. Maybe your resume needs some help, or you don’t know how to respond to standard interview questions. Whatever was missed in your program, Launchpad by Vog can close the gap and help you get employed.

Launchpad by Vog not only trains you to be an intermediate developer, but also teaches you the interpersonal skills that employers are looking for in their new hires. At Launchpad by Vog, you are exposed to the real inner workings of a flourishing technological company, located in Calgary, one of the world’s most enterprising cities. Within your time at Launchpad by Vog, you will work directly with real business cases and teams that will simulate a real day on the job as a developer. You will work closely with project managers as well as currently employed developers to learn first hand problem solving, communication, and time management skills.

Furthermore, Launchpad by Vog wants to make you stand out. In the United States, there is an estimated 50,000 university students graduating with computer science or related degrees, and another 15 to 30,000 students graduating coding bootcamps, meaning that if even half of that number are graduating from Canadian institutions and programs each year, a new grad would be competing with upwards of 40,000 other individuals for a limited number of positions. While that may sound daunting, Launchpad by Vog not only provides the knowledge of how to stand out to any recruiter and ace practical questions. From interview skills, to resume workshops, Launchpad by Vog covers it all. 

Alright, ready to get started? Check out for admission and further details.