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How To Ace Your Coding Interview

Coding is a skill that is demanded like never before. As AI continues to grow, the demand for software development skills is greater! You have the skills, but how do you ace the interview?

The interview is about leaving a lasting impression. You want to stand out from the other candidates who very likely have the same skill set as you. The key is preparation. Once you prepare, your confidence will shine which will allow you to succeed. Preparation and success comes in 4 steps.


A great first step to prepare is researching the company. You need to know who you’re going to work for. Understanding their structure, size and purpose are great things to know prior to the interview. Looking at their long term goals can allow you to cultivate your answers accordingly. Additionally, it is recommended that you look up the interviewer on LinkedIn. This will allow you to learn about them, and better prepare you. Using individuals’ names is a sign of respect and will lend a hand to your interview.

First Impression

A first impression can never be rewritten. When you first meet someone in an interview, show confidence and enthusiasm. These traits stick with a hiring manager. The display of your soft skills will better allow the interviewer to get to know you. In the modern world, software engineers and designers work closely with stakeholders and colleagues. Having soft skills is integral.

Coding Challenge

When applying to any position that requires coding, you can expect to be asked to write code. Not only does this show the interviewer your hard skills, it will also show them your problem solving skills. Be sure through this process to ask questions. It is also recommended that you take notes on what they say. Most companies will allow you to choose your own coding language. Make sure that you choose a language that you’re familiar with. This will give you confidence when working through the problem. Lastly, be sure to practice prior to the interview. This includes writing out code, but also being extra familiar with the specific coding language. Work through different codes so that when you get to the coding challenge, you are confident and ready to excel.

End of the Interview

Every interview is an opportunity to learn and grow. Throughout your time, you will have good interviews and bad interviews, however, there are some key things you must do regardless of the interview. Ask questions. Make sure that you are getting all the information you want about the company. It is a great opportunity to show interest in the company, and build a personal connection. A tip from an experienced hiring manager is to send a thank you email. These emails show respect and consideration which can teach the hiring manager in your direction. These emails are short and effective.

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