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How Our 2022 Summer Graduates Learned to Code by Leading with Curiosity and Enthusiasm

This summer, the Launchpad team trained some brilliant students; Lexxie Worth, Nicki Lindstrom, Yasin Habib, and Osama Malik. This cohort was particularly special, with each one of them leaving the program with a career in software development. We are so happy to bring more talent into Calgary’s tech sector and provide opportunities for our students to continue their development.

We interviewed all of our students to get an inside scoop on learning to code. Why they decided to learn code; how coding has impacted their lives, and what’s next after launchpad.

Every student had a unique experience in the LaunchPad program, but one thing is clear; there’s no program quite like it.

“You’re part of a family. You’re with mentors and fellow developers who actually care about what happens to you” – Nicki Lindstrom, Junior Developer

What Inspired you to learn code?

Learning to code is a rewarding experience – there is something about finding the solution to a seemingly impossible problem.

One of our summer graduates, Yasin Habib, explains that “there is no limit to how much you can learn, and you never stop developing your skills.”

Every one of our students started the Launchpad program with the desire to challenge themselves and build up a new skill set. But few realized that learning to code could be a life-changing experience.

How has coding impacted your life?

Learning to code changes how you think, act, and problem-solve – whether it’s just a hobby or a career transition – learning code can significantly impact your life.

Our summer cohort explained that coding can give you a sense of purpose and power in knowledge.

What makes Launchpad unique?

Launchpad is a collaborative learning space, where questions are welcome, and your mentors are there to support you. Of course, “you have to work through some roadblocks as you learn. But help is always there, so you’re never stuck for long.”

NickiAny advice for those new to the LaunchPad program?

Each student we interviewed emphasized the importance of putting your ALL in this program.  It’s important to “ask questions and don’t be afraid to feel stupid. You’re going to hit a spot where you’re stuck, and you can’t be afraid to ask those difficult questions,” explains Junior Developer, Lexxi Worth. You get out what you put it.

Be bold. Ask questions. Experiment with your skillset and learn from the experts around you.

If you want to learn more about the Launchpad program and how you can be a part of it, contact us here.