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Here are four ways that Launchpad can help you get ahead in your career:

1. Increase your soft skills

Although software companies do want the best coders, they also want team members who can effectively communicate, and contribute to the organization’s overarching mission. Launchpad will help you to develop soft skills such as relationship building, communication, conflict resolution, and team problem solving.

2. Receive mentorship from expert developers

In the workplace it’s often difficult for others to take time out of their day to mentor junior staff, but at Launchpad you have a dedicated mentor to show you the way. You will be matched with a Vog employee that is highly regarded as an expert in their field. By learning directly from an industry professional, you will be able to see their approach to difficult problems and the techniques they use to tackle them.

3. Understanding of how to work with internal and external clients

Much of the work done in software development is understanding the needs of the internal or external client. Through Launchpad, you will learn to dissect requirements and create a positive relationship with the client, while producing a budget effective, high quality deliverable.

4. Budgeting of your time and resources on a project

One of the most important skills a developer can have is the ability to effectively manage their time and resources while under tight deadlines. This means accurately estimating timelines and being able to deliver on these estimates. Launchpad will help you to not only understand your limitations, but properly articulate them to your Project Managers and give you the skills you need to work more efficiently.

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