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General Questions

LaunchPad by Vog is a program that has been developed by Vog App Developers aiming to advance the skills of junior software developers to be intermediate level and industry-ready software developers. LaunchPad is unique in its approach teaching you how to develop software using real-world and project inspired challenges. Hands-on experiences will prepare you to easily handle the expectations that the industry is currently looking for. In addition, we will connect you with software and tech companies that are ready to hire new talents with your newly acquired software development skills.

LaunchPad offers real-world practices and experiences while teaching key software fundamentals. Other software programs may tend to focus on teaching basic or even intermediate understanding of code. Vog App Developers saw the need for something more, something to propel an aspiring software developer’s career and help establish the necessary capabilities that the software industry is looking for; LaunchPad will bridge that gap teaching not only software fundamentals but also business logic, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills which are essential to be a strong, well-rounded developer.

For Trainees

Once your application is received and our review is done, we will contact you to set up a 20-minute phone interview. Then, we will follow up with a face to face interview for your admission approval!

The only difference between in-person courses and virtual courses is that when opting to join the virtual courses, Recruits will communicate with colleagues and instructors mostly through video conference. Virtual Recruits will attend virtual courses and be provided with instructions and a support person just as if they were in the office. Access to mentors throughout the day and the entire program is provided by LaunchPad to all Recruits. 

Advanced skills, techniques and fundamentals that are in high demand by the current job market in the software development industry.
I terms of languages, You will learn Swift5, React, React Native, C#, Kotlin, Java, AWS, third party software tools, Git practices, Interviewing, Communication 101 and much more. Our program will focus on the specific language(s) and the frameworks within the course you select. We want you to love what you are learning and be confident to launch your software development career when you are done!

At least one year of programming experience would be best. This includes any boot camps or post-secondary learning. LaunchPad takes junior developers and advances them to an intermediate level; for this reason, we do require basic knowledge of software development.
All applicants will be asked a series of questions through our phone interview to determine if they have enough experience to enter the program. The goal of LaunchPad is to provide an enhanced and accelerated learning environment to grow a junior developer or developer’s skillset using modern frameworks and languages that companies are actually demanding right now.

LaunchPad offers a 16-week program for much less than other courses or bootcamps. To see what courses are currently open for registration go to our Programs page.

You will be taught fundamentals, advanced techniques, skills, communication, program solving, critical thinking, business awareness and software development through 30-45 minute learning sessions. Each day will have 1-2 sessions and mentoring throughout the day. For this reason, you will learn more in 16-weeks at LaunchPad than in any other software program. At the end of each week, you will be able to review the week’s discussions and challenges and will have the opportunity to follow up with any questions that you may have. Our mentors will be with you during the whole program to guide you and support you throughout your program.

A day at LaunchPad is like a day on the job. You will learn, train and work on sample projects as if you were an employee on the job. The experience will be fun but full of hard work. We are preparing you for the industry through training you to be better in order to get better-paying job faster.

With all LaunchPad Recruits, we support you and will help you transition into your new job. Post-graduation, our team will be here to answer any questions you have for just about anything related to software development. While at LaunchPad, we are working in the industry to get you hired as soon as you complete the LaunchPad program, because we know what we are teaching is exactly what companies are looking for.

You may use your own laptop as long as it has these minimum system requirements:
– CPU – Intel core i5 or better or AMD equivalent
– Ram – 6+ Gigabytes
– Hard drive – 150 Gigabyte or larger SSD

We develop in order to teach you. Our program guides our Recruits through processes that have been successful within the Vog App Developers team on many projects. For this reason, we know what works and why.

We cannot guarantee job placement, but we do guarantee our investment in you because we will be job hunting for you while you are in the LaunchPad program. Our team will work with our business partners to find suitable jobs to apply for, and that match what you are looking for. Your success is our success.

For Partners

LaunchPad works with companies that are looking for skilled developers but are tired of recruitment firms that just don’t “get it” when it comes to finding the right talent in the software development industry. Through our Partners program, LaunchPad works with your company to train software developers to your specific needs. Our low, one-time fee is unmatched by any recruitment firm. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can support your growing company.

LaunchPad’s unique approach works with companies to get a better understanding of company culture, work environment and job expectations. Our team will work with your company to find the “right fit” from the Recruits in our LaunchPad program.

Absolutely!  If you would like to learn more about our current developers Contact us for more information.

About Vog App Developers

Vog App Developers is a Canadian based app developer that provides custom software applications for businesses through innovative experiences and top-notch software. Since 2012, the company has been fostering learning and innovation among its teams. More information about Vog App Developers can be found on the Vog App Developers website.

Seeing a gap in the market for training programs, Vog launched its proprietary LaunchPad on-the-job training program in 2019. In 2020, Vog has decided to expand the program that develops junior talent to an intermediate level developer through a 16-week program. LaunchPad training has enabled Vog to meet and exceed the demands of the software industry’s expectations. There is a large and growing requirement for intermediate level software developers in all sectors due to transformational digitization and, by using its industry experience and resources, Vog started to support recent graduates facing disadvantages to forge their own career pathways through practical training, learning and practice.

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