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Published on: Business

Digital occupations in Alberta’s high-growth sectors

Canada’s Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), in partnership with Calgary Economic Development and the Alberta Ministry of Labour and Immigration, announced the completion of the study Enabling a Digital Future for Alberta. A copy of the research can be found here.

In Alberta, total employment in key digital roles is expected to surpass 77,000 by 2023.

Leading this demand are roles like software developers, data scientists, full-stack developers and cybersecurity analysts, among others. These are occupations that will drive business development and expansion, and ultimately, are central to the success of many sectors.

In-demand development skills

The need for these roles is substantial and the combination of a strong talent pool and a responsive, quality academic system paves a strong foundation for Alberta’s digital future. The rapid pace of development in areas like artificial intelligence and data science, coupled with the increased adoption of technology across sectors indicates an accelerating demand for digital roles in Alberta.

Accelerated learning

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