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Dev-to-dev Mentorship

Mentorship is a valuable part of professional development, but it is particularly relevant in the software development sector as a whole. Knowledge-sharing and education are critical to keeping up with the industry requirements, especially in this quickly evolving field that heavily relies on emerging technologies.

Job Market Stats

By 2023, the Canadian digital economy will see a demand for more than 305,000 digitally-skilled workers.

That's a rise of
Dev-to-Dev Mentorship

During the LaunchPad program, Recruits get an extensive professional advantage by having mentors that allow them to level-up in their field more quickly, overcoming challenges and getting the push in the right direction.

Laucnhpad Mentor support


You’ll find days where all your effort will feel purposeless and you won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Having people who are working close to you and facing the same challenges will remind you about the meaning of what you are doing. This can be incredibly powerful!


Building strong relationships will help you keep you positive and driven. Having people who understand your issues, listen to your frustrations and even help mitigate some challenges is a great way to incorporate the team-oriented values.

Innovation fostering

Mentors promote and guide you when you choose to explore beyond your comfort zone.

Problem-solving practices

Some are better at problem solving than others, but problem-solving is a skill anyone can learn and enhance through continual practice. A problem is a distance between how things currently are and how they should be. In order to close this gap, it’s essential to understand the way things are (problem) and the way they ought to be (solution). Problem-solving practices help you to build the ‘bridge’ between these two elements. Throughout the LaunchPad program, you will learn how to combat problems in a methodical way.

Code reviews

Code reviews help facilitate conversations about the codebase. Often, teams have hidden knowledge within the code that surfaces during code review. Professionals, with fresh eyes, discover areas of the code base that needs a new perspective. For this reason, this practice can stimulate critical thinking and help developers to not just correct errors in their current code, but to learn the skills and techniques that will serve to prevent errors in their future code.

Improving your coding skills and learning day-to-day software development tasks can be intimidating. Even though the technical side is hard, keeping your motivation and focus strong is even harder.

For this reason, getting the help of mentors to improve both technical and soft skills is extremely helpful when you are looking to land your dream job. Realize your full professional potential faster with LaunchPad’s Dev-to-Dev Mentorship.

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