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Partnership Spotlight

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

Partner Spotlight: Finney Taylor

When Launchpad agrees to a partnership, they ensure that every partnership is for the betterment of their students. This is why the FinneyTaylor partnership occurred. Collectively Launchpad and FinneyTaylor want successful students. This means during and after the cohort is complete. What does this partnership

Partner Spotlight: Windmill

Launchpad is always excited to have new ways to support incoming students. Windmill is a wonderful partnership that Launchpad has developed. Through this partnership, Launchpad can support more students regardless of their financial situation. Let’s learn more about what this partnership means! Who is Windmill

Partner Spotlight: Immigrant Services Calgary

We are so excited to have a partnership with Immigrant Services Calgary. This partnership is filled with ample opportunities, and will ensure that Launchpad can launch more people forward.  Let’s discuss further what a partnership between Immigrant Services Calgary and Launchpad looks like. Who is