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Author: Sonja Mellema

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

Partnering With Launchpad: Recruitment

Launchpad is an exceptional program that takes entry level skill sets, and turns them into intermediate level skills with experience and soft skills to back them. Not only does that make our recruits more hirable, it gives our partners the opportunity to have exceptional new

Investing in Yourself

To be the best version of yourself, you need to invest in yourself. This can be done through a variety of ways, including learning something new, focusing on your future and fostering professional relationships. Not only could this investment bring a return of employment, but

How To Ace Your Coding Interview

Coding is a skill that is demanded like never before. As AI continues to grow, the demand for software development skills is greater! You have the skills, but how do you ace the interview? The interview is about leaving a lasting impression. You want to

Soft Skills: Why They’re Important

Everyone knows that it’s not just your technical skills alone that will land you your dream job. It’s also important to balance out your job specific knowledge with soft skills.  Soft skills are also known as ‘people skills.’ Those with soft skills have better communication,

LaunchPad Education Series: Jason Lewis

Hello and welcome to LaunchPad!  For anyone wondering “What is LaunchPad?” allow us to explain. LaunchPad is a training program developed here at Vog Developers with the express goal of bridging the gap between students graduating from coding programs/ boot camps and those finding they

The Importance of Mentorship

So you want to learn by doing, which is something that is easy to say, but where do you begin? Although you can sit down and learn any coding language or system, however if you cannot effectively problem solve, manage projects, and overall be an

I Need A Developer!

So, you just got the green light on a project you have been working hard to get approved, but you need to find a developer–where do you even begin? You could post a job posting on a job aggregator, but then you have to comb