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Author: Sonja Mellema

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

Get Ahead

It doesn’t matter how far in your career you are, your success and getting ahead should be a priority. Maybe you are feeling stuck in your current role, or maybe you need a small push to get where you need. Regardless, Launchpad could be the

Meet the Team: Nathan Armstrong

Launchpad is a closely knit team that works for the betterment of the industry. We hire the brightest to ensure our students are getting the best quality education. Many of Launchpad’s team is also a part of the Vog team. This ensures that our team

Partner Spotlight: Finney Taylor

When Launchpad agrees to a partnership, they ensure that every partnership is for the betterment of their students. This is why the FinneyTaylor partnership occurred. Collectively Launchpad and FinneyTaylor want successful students. This means during and after the cohort is complete. What does this partnership

Experiencing the Job Market

Applying for jobs is stressful. Not only do you have to be open, you have to be confident. At the end of the day, you are trying to sell the services that you can provide to a company. This can be shown in a resume

Meet the Blog Writer

It has been about 8 months since I joined the team at Vog. I have had the privilege to watch Launchpad grow and develop and have been happy to be a part of Launchpad’s journey. My name is Sonja Mellema, and I am a coordinator

Last Chance Savings

We are excited to announce that our newest cohort will start on August 30th, 2021. As the summer nears its end, we are excited to ramp things up with Launchpad. We have an amazing curriculum that can take your career to the next level. If

Launching More Individuals

When Launchpad was developed, the focus was on the students. At the end of the day, we want to have the most impact we can on those in the program. Their success is our success, and we mustn’t forget it. Education is one of the

Meet The Team: Christie Rodrigues

With new partnerships and continuous growth, Launchpad is expected to soar to new heights over the next 6 months. Christie was able to fit us into her busy schedule to have a quick interview about Launchpad. The future’s looking bright, so let’s get right into

Launch Your Career From Junior to Intermediate

Have you found yourself in a position where you lack the skills and experience to move as quickly as you like in your career? Most junior developers find themselves in this position, and it can quickly become disheartening and challenging. Perhaps, you are looking to

Partner Spotlight: Windmill

Launchpad is always excited to have new ways to support incoming students. Windmill is a wonderful partnership that Launchpad has developed. Through this partnership, Launchpad can support more students regardless of their financial situation. Let’s learn more about what this partnership means! Who is Windmill