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All Engines are a Go! – Pushing to Production in a Cloud-Based World

Most developers know the joke “don’t push to prod on a Friday!” but they may wonder, why does this phrase exist? In order to understand this joke, a developer first must understand that deployment refers to the movement of software from one stage to another, and production or “prod” is the final stage of software development where all users can access the software. But even with these definitions, why do developers make that joke? Well, deployment, specifically to production, is something of an artform.

Pushing to production takes skill because the steps a developer takes moving into this stage can make or break the software, and since this is the stage where the general public can access the program, it could turn into a public image nightmare. Knowing this allows the joke to make sense, but what if you have no other choice to push to production on a Friday afternoon? How do you do it correctly? At Launchpad by Vog, we can teach you how.

Launchpad by Vog prepares students to be able to push to production successfully on any day of the week to major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services through a variety of in class lessons and real world programming experiences. This blend of learning allows for our students to learn the best of industry practices in software development, project management, and business that can be applied at any company. 

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