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Accelerated Learning

The software development industry is constantly evolving and professionals in this area are in high demand in Canada and throughout the world. As a software development professional, you need to know how to cope up with the fast-paced environment of tech companies. LaunchPad specifically teaches you how to succeed in a fast-paced environment and how to excel past the expectations of employers through our innovative approach to training software developers.

According to industry statistics, Canada currently has a shortage of software developers.

Traditional education has struggled to solve the widening of the skills gap. More recently with the launch of coding bootcamps, would-be developers are still not getting much more than a fast-tracked program. That is where LaunchPad takes over! Our accelerated learning process targets practical experiences in a team-oriented setting while providing the same experiences new employees would face on the job. From client interactions to complex problem solving, LaunchPad breaks down the industry must-haves into a program that builds skills and knowledge.

No other program like LaunchPad exists and we are proud to be disrupting the norms of software development education. We focus on practical learning with constant feedback and dialogue to ensure that your learning curve is as steep as possible while building your skillset.

Accelerated Learning

LaunchPad is building the skills that the software development industry require while boosting careers of truly ambitious people. Learn faster by working with practical tasks and by constantly analyzing and reflecting on what you learn, putting it in context, and getting constructive and quality feedback.

At LaunchPad, we do everything in our power to prepare you for your next software development position and help you grow quickly in your role. Apply now and learn how to accelerate your career.

Skills you will advance in

Problem Based

Exploring how to solve problems before implementing a solution and maintain a “work smarter, not harder” approach.

Learn by Doing

Learning to code is easy. Understanding the “why” is where critical thinking is required. With a learn-by-doing approach you will discover valuable techniques used by software developers each day.

Dev to Dev Mentorship

We won’t tell you the answer to solving a problem, that’s for you to figure out. We are here to support you while you work on the solution. Our dev-to-dev mentorship is the backbone to LaunchPad. You will learn from a team who solves problems on a daily basis.

Social Motivation

Succeed or fail as a team. Learn how to keep motivated and how to motivate others on your team.

Critical Thinking

Develop a lifelong skill for analyzing situations and problems. LaunchPad fosters critical thinking as a cornerstone skill in all LaunchPad programs.


Key skills to maintaining a strong drive to complete the work at hand.

As a LaunchPad Recruit, you will experience real-world challenges and gain practical experience dealing with the problems that developers face constantly through sample projects.

LaunchPad provides an excellent opportunity to learn quickly through continual guidance and interaction with professional software developers and industry experts. Be on track and utilize our available resources to level-up in your career as a software developer.

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