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What Is LaunchPad ?

Everything you need to know

LaunchPad by Vog is a program that has been developed by Vog App Developers to train new hires and junior developers to advance their skills and understanding of software development. Through this approach, a developer learns the necessary skills and knowledge to be an intricate part of a development team. Vog App Developers, along with other companies in the industry, recognize that the skills students are learning within post-secondary institutions and bootcamps aren’t enough and aren’t providing those who are investing in a software development career with the know-how that the industry is actually looking for in a new hire.

When students finish school they are supposed to be work-ready, right? Sadly, that’s increasingly not the case. Employers demand a diverse range and depth of technical and non-technical skills which regular education won’t necessarily cover. This is where the LaunchPad program comes to the fore with our passion for on-the-job skills-based training.

Practical work is a necessary part of the learning experience for those who are pursuing a career in technology and software development and it serves many purposes.

LaunchPad supports recent graduates, individuals looking to switch careers, professionals looking to advance their software knowledge for a better job, and businesses who want to provide training to their employees. By teaming up with schools, education and training sectors, the software development industry, and local businesses, LaunchPad develops industry-ready software developers.

What makes LaunchPad unique?

LaunchPad provides a fun, direct and informative program that no other program offers

Our programs facilitate a clear transferable path and adaptation of each developer’s existing skills while connecting those who are talented with the software and tech industry in Canada. Learning is easier when you can count on developers who develop cool stuff.

That’s what we call our trainees. A LaunchPad Recruit is a highly versatile individual charged with exploring new ventures who is aiming to advance existing skills, learn new skills, boost valuable knowledge in the software development industry and increase the chances of being recruited.

To advance the skills of software developers through real-world sample projects and provide value to LaunchPad Recruits. LaunchPad is an industry targeted program that provides advanced learning to junior software developers, professionals and individuals with software development experience. LaunchPad teaches real-world technical and software development skills required by today’s companies.

  • Fuel curiosity, foster creativity and encourage people to become lifelong learners
  • Work collaboratively towards shared ambitions
  • Empower others to be the best they can be
  • Be transparent with our Rangers, our partners and each other about what we’re doing and why.
  • Continue to foster the excitement software development can provide

LaunchPad is building the skills that the software development industry needs while boosting the careers of truly ambitious people. Learn faster by working with practical tasks and by constantly analyzing and reflecting on what you learn, putting it in context, and getting quality feedback. Find out how our Accelerated Learning method works.

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