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What is Vog App Developers?

Vog App Developers is a Canadian based company that provides custom software applications for businesses through innovative experiences and top-notch software. Since 2012, the company has been fostering learning and creating innovative experiences through remarkable design and robust software.
In 2019, seeing a gap in the market for training programs, Vog launched its proprietary LaunchPad on-the-job training program. In 2020, Vog has decided to expand the program that develops junior talent to an intermediate level developer through a 16-week program.
LaunchPad training has enabled Vog to meet and exceed the demands of the software industry’s expectations. There is a large and growing requirement for intermediate level software developers in all sectors due to transformational digitization and, by using its industry experience and resources, and partnering with local businesses, Vog is supporting recent graduates facing disadvantages to forge their own career pathways through practical training.
Companies are looking for developers who know how to adapt to business practices and develop great code, and that is exactly what Vog does.

Vog’s Expertise

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Custom Software Development:

Instead of plain coding, Vog developers will get to the very core of the business and unlock the true power of having custom software.

Mobile App Development:

Vog builds successful and scalable products that improve customer experience and streamline business processes.

Design & Marketing Services:

Vog is focused on creating an effective user experience (UX) that saves resources, boosts sales, improves users’ satisfaction, and increases engagement.